For employers

Our main goal is to find high quality personnel to meet employer’s requirements, to help our customers overcome the shortage of qualified personnel and thereby increase their competitive advantages in the market.

Efficiency of our Personnel Agency based on:

* deep expertise in specific areas of business;

* study of the specific requirements of the industrial market;

* the accumulated and regularly updated database of professionals in specific markets;

* an active search for candidates using direct search to offer our customers the best experts, who usually are not in active job search;

* understanding of industry specifics, the availability of extensive information on markets, knowledge of major trends and key players.

We offer our clients an individual approach to solve their needs and requirements, optimal combination of price and quality, depending on their needs and capacities, as well as a flexible system of discounts.

We offer our clients a 90-day replacement guarantee period without an extra charge (180-day replacement guarantee period for the top position).

“Skil” is the only recruitment agency who undertakes not to address all the Customers employees including employed through the Contractor with a job change proposal, which means a complete hands off.

The cost of our services ranges from 12% to 20% of annual salary hired specialist with the payment after the candidate’s actual start of work for the Customer.

We hope to be helpful to you!

Our contacts:

+7 (968) 936-32-86

Svetlana Kachko

General Director

Personnel Agency “Skil”